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Paco Milan is a brand of high quality shoes from the Almansa region in Spain and it is owned by the same company that owns the Berwick 1707 brand. Compared to Berwick 1707, Paco Milan shoes are not constructed using the Goodyear Welted method, which is the main reason for somewhat lower retail price of Paco Milan shoes. The main construction method of Paco Milan shoes is the traditional italian Blake Stitch method, which uses a single channeled stitch running straight from the outsole through to the interior to hold the different elements (outsole, insole and upper) of the shoe together. Since Blake Stitch construction does not include a midsole or a leather welt, fewer layers make the sole more flexible and lighter compared to Goodyear shoes, with a more elongated design.


Leathers used in the production of Paco Milan shoes come from the finest French, English and Italian tanneries like Du Puy, D’Annonay and Stead, and quality wise there is no differnce between materials used in Berwick 1707 shoes. The main difference is the construction method (Blake Stitch vs. Goodyear Welted).

Paco Milan shoes are targeted toward modern businessmen which seek accessible quality.

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