TLB Mallorca

The BEST Goodyear Welted Shoe In Its Class

The TLB collection is made using the Goodyear Welted technique, making an exhaustive selection in between the first grade leathers from Annonay and Charles F. Stead in the market. Just a 15% of those leathers are chosen to reach the quality required for this collection. 

Also, looking for the most refined lines, we have added a leather sole with a bevelled waist which continues in under the heel. For the sole we had also paid attention to the stitching, narrower and tight to get a more elegant finish. For ARTISTA collection we have used close-cut heels which follows the natural lines of the shoe. We have included real leather heel stiffeners to provide more resistance and durability to the shoe, a hard to find in this range price collections.

In this case we have created two lasts: PICASSO and GOYA. Both lasts have a very comfortable fit and are “true to size”, with elegant and stylish lines, typical from a bespoke collection. Each last has their own style. PICASSO, with a marked silhouette has a more squared toe, mean while the GOYA last has a more subtitle finished with a more rounded toe.