Saphir Beaute du Cuir HP Dubbin Natural and Black (100ML)

Saphir Beaute du Cuir HP Dubbin Natural and Black (100ML)

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The dubbin by Saphir HP (100ml) nourishes oiled leather as well as the welt stitching on Goodyear shoes.

The High Performance dubbin by Saphir is the most nourishing leather care product and is especially appropriate for oiled leather. Although it was originally made with seal oil, this dubbin now consists exclusively of salmon oil. Its nourishing properties are so strong that it is used for particularly thick, greasy and dull leather types typically found on boat shoes, motorcycle apparel or saddlery. It also guarantees the beauty and longevity of your high-end Goodyear dress shoes when applied to their wax stitching with a welt brush. This intensely nourishes the waxed stitching and prevents it from coming apart. You can also use your Saphir HP dubbin to soften a brand new pair of smooth leather shoes, but be careful not reapply the product as it can weaken the leather. The oily character of this dubbin makes it unsuitable for use on shoe soles as they would become slippery.

Apply the Saphir HP dubbin with a polishing cloth for covering large areas of the leather, or with a welt brush for more a precise application on Goodyear shoes. Use either the polishing cloth or the welt brush to heat up the product and help it penetrate the leather. Allow to dry for 30 minutes, then use a clean polishing cloth to remove any excess product.

Store your Saphir HP dubbin in a dry place away from sunlight.